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When Dr. Andy talks about “restoring a tooth”, he is referring to any procedure that returns the tooth to its original shape and function. Fillings and crowns are the most common ways to do this.

Children’s primary and permanent teeth sometimes need restoration. There are several reasons this might be necessary: decay, broken or cracked tooth, or poor enamel development to name a few. You may think it’s not necessary to place a filling in a primary tooth. After all, it eventually will fall out, right?

However, primary teeth are important for several reasons: chewing food, speech development, and maintaining space for the permanent teeth allowing the permanent teeth to erupt into proper position Also, remember that tooth decay is actually an infection. If a primary tooth is decaying, this infection could spread to other teeth, including adult teeth that are developing or already in the mouth. Infection can also affect the child’s overall health.

There are circumstances in which composite(white fillings)serves better than amalgam and vice versa. The material that is best suited for your childs dental needs will be reviewed by Dr. Andy and his team when treatment is determined to be necessary. We will always give you options to choose from and ensure that you are making an informed decision regarding your child’s care.

The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs has concluded that both amalgam and composite materials are both considered safe and effective for tooth restoration.