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Child tooth crown

Pediatric crowns are used to restore back teeth that are too badly decayed to hold traditional fillings. They can also be required to repair a broken tooth or to prevent breakage of a tooth that has had a pulpotomy or nerve treatment. Using a crown allows the child to keep their baby tooth until the tooth is ready to fall out. Doing so is important to the long-term dental health of your child.

Children’s Dentistry of Gallatin offers multiple pediatric crown options – composite resin strip crowns, esthetic veneered crowns, white zirconia crowns, or stainless steel crowns.

Each crown type has specific areas and reasons for utilization. Most of our crowns are selected with cosmetics and esthetics in mind. Our most esthetic option is the EZ-Pedo crown and is designed specifically for children and is comprised of solid zirconia, one of the strongest ceramics available. Not only do these white crowns provide cosmetic advantages, once set, they are virtually indestructible. Stainless steel crowns are typically used on the back teeth and offer the same strength advantages as the crowns above, but are not available in an esthetic color option that is durable enough for a child’s mouth.

Why would baby teeth need to be restored by a crown?

Baby teeth that show evidence of extensive decay, with two or more surfaces affected, can sometimes be saved through the use of a crown. Occasionally, especially in esthetic areas, it is possible to use a tooth colored crown. These crowns can be used to protect front teeth when they become cracked or chipped, have undergone root canal therapy, show signs of decay, or are markedly discolored. In particular, if the decay or cavity has spread to different surfaces of the tooth or has reached the pulp of the tooth, a baby root canal may need to be performed. At that point the tooth becomes weaker and is more likely to crack. In these instances, it is important to protect the tooth by using a crown.

Which type of crown is best for restoring baby teeth?


In general, for front teeth, the specialists at Children’s Dentistry of Gallatin, recommend using esthetic tooth colored crowns when possible. These crowns are both esthetic and strong. However, for baby molars that are constantly exposed to chewing and grinding, silver stainless steel crowns may be a better option due to durability and longevity.A strong, durable esthetic option has not been perfected for a child’s back tooth. Dr. Andy will be happy to discuss your options with you at your consultation.

How are crowns prepared for a child’s tooth?

Stainless Steel tooth crown

The procedure is comparable to having an adult crown placed, but the procedure can often be completed in a single visit in about half of the time. After your child is made completely numb using local anesthesia, all of the decayed or damaged tooth structure is removed to provide a solid foundation. The tooth is prepared in a specific way so that a prefabricated crown made just for baby teeth can fit on top. When Dr. Andy has determined what size crown fits best for the tooth, the crown is then cemented in place.

Are there any precautions for my child after having a crown placed?

It is important that the child does not eat anything too hard or sticky. Chips and popcorn pieces can get stuck under the crown, making the tissues around the crown uncomfortable. Also, sticky or hard candies, like bubble gum, can remove the crown from the tooth. If a crown gets displaced, the child should be brought back to the dental office to have it re-cemented. To prevent this from happening, parents should be mindful of the child’s diet after treatment is completed. Often we recommend softer foods. Also, sometimes the gums may become slightly irritated by the new crown. It is important to continue to brush around the gums of these teeth to prevent further irritation.